Let's Talk About Hair Porosity

Hair is filled with pores, just like your skin, which are little holes to which products are able to penetrate the hair shafts. However, different people have different amounts of pores in their hair. 

Low porosity hair requires more work for products to penetrate the shafts. This can be done by using our deep conditioning cap (purchase under "Shop" on our website) to use heat to better infuse the moisture in to the hair. You can also use a hair steamer to open up the pores before applying products to allow them to work better.

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

  • Hair gets dry a few days after moisturizing
  • Products tend to sit on top of the hair instead of soaking in
  • Hair takes less time to dry when wet
  • Hair is hard to moisturize
  • A lot of product build up

Normal porosity hair does not need any help. If you have normal porosity hair, you're a unicorn LOL.

Characteristics of Normal Porosity Hair

  • Hair is easy to moisturize
  • Hair easily absorbs products
  • Hair does not get dry a few days after moisturizing

High porosity hair is easy to absorb products but also easy to lose moisture. This type of hair may require frequent refreshing and heavy oils to really seal in the moisture. I recommend refreshing the hair every few days with spritzes of water followed by oil to seal in the moisture.

Characteristics of High Porosity Hair

  • Hair absorbs products easily
  • Hair takes long to dry when wet
  • Hair loses moisture easily

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