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Scalp Health

It all starts from the source! You can not expect your hair to grow if you do not take care of your scalp. Healthy scalp=healthy hair.
The scalp is often a part of the hair care process that is overlooked and neglected. The scalp secretes a natural oil called 'sebum' that coats the scalp and is meant to nourish the hair strands. However, in kinky/coily textures, the sebum is not able to pass through the hair strands due to the zig-zag and coily form of the hair. This is why people with coily textures often have dry hair and have to use products such as conditioners, oils and butters to moisturize the hair stands. 
Just like skin, the scalp needs to be cleansed and moisturized so that it can be healthy. A lot of naturals opt for cowashes and moisturizing shampoos to cleanse their hair, thinking this will solve their dry hair problems. However, it is important for naturals to utilize clarifying and cleansing shampoos in order to really clear their scalp of any debris, dirt, dandruff or oils. An example of a clarifying shampoo is the SheaCoco Black Soap Shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair without stripping it and is safe to use weekly. Opting for hot oil treatments every so often can have amazing benefits to the scalp. This gives the scalp the chance to soak in all the benefits of the particular oil you may be using leading to a healthier scalp and thus healthier overall hair health.
When was the last time you clarified your scalp? Comment below!

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