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Why Use a Deep Conditioning Cap? 🤔

Why use a deep conditioning cap you may ask? Heres why: 

Hair cuticles are usually closed, on a regular day. This makes it difficult for products to penetrate the hair strands and have full effect. With heat, the hair cuticles open allowing more moisture and vitamins to enter the hair shaft. The heat from the deep conditioning cap will cause a steaming effect to the hair, using heat to open the hair shaft. This results in softer, deeper conditioned hair. To close the cuticle and seal in all the moisture you put in, rinse your conditioner out with COOL water. 

This method is especially beneficial for people with low porosity hair. Low porosity hair has less holes or pores in the hair strands, making it harder for products to enter the hair shaft. This usually results in dry, hard to moisturize hair. The heat circulating from the conditioning cap opens the hair shaft, allowing nutrients to easily pass through the hair.

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